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Election 2010: Obama’s Organizing for America’s Final Scripted Vote Push

2 November 2010 3 Comments

In a last ditch attempt to stop the defeat of Democrats across the nation, President Barack Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) has just issued its final get-out-the-vote push clearly aware that this election is about Obama’s policies.

In an email, entitled: “The most effective thing you can do right now,” from New Media Director, Natalie Foster, OFA is urging supporters to call other voters in States, like California, where voting booths are still open. OFA provides a script of what their supporters should say to potential voters, even directing the callers when to pause. Take a look.

From the email:

Friend –

Reaching voters who haven’t made it to the polls yet is more critical than ever.

Right now, there’s still time to call into districts and states with close races — it’s the single most effective thing you can do to affect the outcome of the elections.

Pick up a phone and call voters in key districts and states right now.

Don’t wait for someone else to step up to the plate.

Grab a phone and use our call tool to talk to key voters right now:


Today’s elections will chart our country’s course for the next two years.

Let’s change the outcome together,


Natalie Foster
New Media Director

Script text.
1. Review the script below
2. Dial 510-785-6853 and ask for FAYE (Not home? Indicate that to the left.)
3. Follow the script and record her responses, then click Save & Continue
4. Don’t leave a message! Focus on getting to the next live conversation.
Polling Location
Georgian Manor

Election Day: November 2nd, 7AM – 8PM

Hello, is [VOTER NAME] there?
Hi! This is [YOUR NAME], a fellow voter [from California if you are from the same state] who supports President Barack Obama.
Official records show that you have voted in the past. We are calling voters like you to say thank you.
Thank you for being a voter! [PAUSE] Since you are the kind of person who votes and cares about the community, we wanted to remind you about the election today.
We have been calling people in [VOTER'S CITY OR STATE] and it looks like a lot of people will be voting today. It is an exciting race, but it will be close and your vote can make the difference.
This election is about a choice between continuing to move America forward with the President and his allies, such as Barbara Boxer, who is running for Senate and Jerry Brown, who is running for Governor, or about going back to the same failed policies of the past.
Can we count on your vote today?
Already Voted
[IF ALREADY VOTED:] Thanks for being a good citizen. If you go to call.barackobama.com you can help get out the vote by making these calls just like me.
[IF NO/REFUSED:] Ok, have a nice day. (END CALL)
[IF MAYBE:] Ok, well I really hope you can make it out, and let me give you your polling place information.
[IF YES:] Great!
Your polling place is at [SEE POLLING INFO AT TOP OF SCRIPT], open from [Refer to info]. And just so we have a better idea of how the long lines will be -
Do you know when during that time you might go vote? In the morning, afternoon, or evening?
Great! Again, thank you for being an active member of our community who votes when it matters, and for your commitment to vote again this year. We hope to be able to thank you again for taking the time to vote today.

Update: Following the historic elections President Obama, via his Organizing for America, sent out this “Thank you” speech to his supporters.

Watch it:

For those who believe President Obama will mimic Bill Clinton and govern more centrist, you are incorrect, listen to his words.
“From the beginning our work was was never just about putting a President in the White House. It was about building a movement for “change” that endures.”

3 Responses to “Election 2010: Obama’s Organizing for America’s Final Scripted Vote Push”

  1. Bill Clinton’s most prosperous years as president arrived when he was forced to submit into the legislation of a GOP dominated congress. Obama will always be similarly forced to acquiesce, and Americans will once again benefit as a result.

  2. What are your thoughts on Jerry Brown coming out on top in the Governor election? Some people have said that he is really too old to be an honestly dynamic leader, and he certainly has a more centrist social ideology now.

  3. Obama’s trip to India is INSANE. NO U.S. president has EVER taken such a large group on ANY trip. You stooges sure do like comparing apples to oranges and leaving out VERY important matters of fact.