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Media Alert: Join me tonight on the Jeff Rense Radio Show 11:00pm ET

12 November 2012 No Comment

Join me tonight on the Jeff Rense Radio Show at 11:00 pm ET. “The world’s most unique, revealing talk and information radio program. Period.”

Simply put, Jeff Rense produces the most consistently fascinating, intriguing, and definitely not always politically-correct talk and information program in radio. In addition to close to scores of nationwide broadcast affiliates, The Jeff Rense Program is probably the world’s most listened-to radio program on the internet and the programs archives are considered unmatchable in broadcast journalism.

We’ll be discussing the aftermath of the elections, the Petraeus resignation and The Whistleblower.

Listen live here.

Special thanks to the fearless Larry Sinclair. Keep an eye out for his next must-read book, When One Man Stands.

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