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And you thought there was only a Ready for Hillary Super Pac laying the groundwork for Hillary’s next bid for the presidency…

Introducing the Hillary PRISON or President of the US (POTUS) 2016 Campaign!

Twitter: #Hillary2016PRISONorPOTUS?

Hillary 2016 Prison or POTUS?

This is not a HARD CHOICE. Any questions? Read my Clinton books, The Whistleblower and Following Orders.
In the Hillary Prison or POTUS 2016 campaign ©, our swirl is fashionable orange.

Check out this happy Hillary 2016 campaigner.

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Hillary PRISON or POTUS 2016 campaign buttons! Click to buy and scroll down. Pick your size and shape.

Hillary PRISON or POTUS 2016 T-shirts! Get yours now. Comfortable and stylish.

Yes we can. Remember not to speak is to speak!

Show Washington your disgust with the special justice system that doesn’t apply to everyday Americans but to people like Hillary.


Stop complaining and take peaceful action.

It’s RICO time! The Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) stopped the mob. It is the most powerful legal tool on the books. What can stop the lawlessness out of Washington? RICO. You are either for the rule of law or you are not. Only people involved with corruption would have a problem with this like Hillary. Be sure to check out the entire RICO line and read my exclusive reporting on civil RICO suits–there is more to come! Americans are already stepping up to restore the rule of law where the political justice system has failed and protected politicos like Hillary.

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